Welcome to the Magic Valley Builders Association 2020 Parade of Homes. Every year, the Magic Valley's best builders are highlighted, representing a range of homes varying in size and price range. These homes showcase cutting edge designs, and the most updated and trending products available on the market today. 

2020 Parade of Homes Winners:

$279,000 - $399,000 Category:
Best Master Suite: Zernickow Family Investments
Best Kitchen: Zernickow Family Investments
Best Curb Appeal: Jade Development
Judge's Choice: Zernickow Family Investments

People's Choice: Zernickow Family Investments

$359,000 - $399,000 Category:
Best Master Suite: Advantage Homes
Best Kitchen: Advantage Homes
Best Curb Appeal: Castle's Custom Homes
Judge's Choice: Advantage Homes

People'c Choice; Advantage Homes

$419,000 - $450,000 Category:
Best Master Suite: Brehm Custom Homes
Best Kitchen: Brehm Custom Homes
Best Curb Appeal: Brehm Custom Homes
Judge's Choice: Brehm Custom Homes

People's Choice: Brehm Custom Homes

$474,000 - $499,000 Category:
Best Master Suite: Josh Ruf Custom Homes
Best Kitchen: Luxury Town Homes
Best Curb Appeal: Josh Ruf Custom Homes
Judge's Choice: Josh Ruf Custom Homes 

People's Choice: Josh Ruf Custom Homes

$529,000 - $540,000 Category:
Best Master Suite: Steve Turnipseed Construction
Best Kitchen: Steve Turnipseed Construction
Best Curb Appeal: Steve Turnipseed Construction
Judge's Choice: Steve Turnipseed Construction

People'c Choice; Steve Turnipseed Construction

$600,000 - $650,000 Category:
Best Master Suite: Richey Custom Homes (virtual)
Best Kitchen: Richey Custom Homes (virtual)
Best Curb Appeal: Wolverton Homes
Judge's Choice: Wolverton Homes 

People's Choice: Wolverton Homes

$700,000 + Luxury Category:
Best Master Suite: Powlus Construction (virtual)
Best Kitchen: James Ray Construction
Best Curb Appeal: James Ray Construction
Judge's Choice: Powlus Construction (virtual)

Peoples Choice: James Ray Construction

$1,000,000 + Luxury Category:
Best Master Suite: Mike Shetler Homes (2322 Bisbee)
Best Kitchen: Mike Shetler Homes (2326 Bisbee)
Best Curb Appeal: Mike Shetler Homes (2326 Bisbee)
Judge's Choice: Mike Shetler Homes (2322 Bisbee) 

People's Choice: Mike Shelter Homes (2322 Bisbee)

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